Camera Protection Bag

using Umbrill Air-Cushion Technology


Camera Protection

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The Insertpack of our Umbrill Active Pack can be completely separated from the Backpack, allowing you to easily take out and store your camera equipment at once. The Insertpack, powered by the Umbrill Air-Cushion Technology, inflates the air cushion which is made of special material when air is injected. This effectively protects the camera equipment from external shock.

Umbrill’s independently developed Air-Cushion Technology allows effective protection of the camera while at the same time reducing the weight of the bag.


The air inlet is made of silicon; which makes it flexible. This allows the user to make use of various sizes and types of air injectors. For example, you can use a regular air blower that’s used for camera cleaning; or you can even use an air pump designed for balloons and tubes.

Umbrill Air-Cushion Technology

Umbrill's patented innovative Air-cushion Technology is composed of several layers, which serve to reduce or disperse diverse shock waves. The Air-cushion within the bag is designed with a special material that protects the camera. The shape of the Air-cushion and the distribution of our Air-pockets are physically and mechanically designed by experts according to the shape and structure of the bag. In addition, the amount of air pressure required for the optimal cushioning effect varies depending on the weight of the object to be protected and the storage structure. Therefore, the air pressure can be adjusted according to the situation by directly injecting or extracting air to the Air-cushion. The Umbrill Air-cushion Technology is the optimal cushioning technology which coordinates perfectly the aforementioned elements in harmony. Using air pressure is the best protection solution to achieve great results while at the same time minimizing the bag’s weight.

Designed for Performance

Quick Shooting Preparation

While Carrying your Bag

Extremely Steady

Fast and Easy

Great for Activity


Storage space for a bag


Left Compartment

Right Compartment

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Upper Compartment

Upper Pocket


Laptop Compartment

Tripod Holder

Helmet Fasteners

Hidden Pocket

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Weight : 1kg (2.2lb)


Weight : 0.4kg (0.9lb)